We would like to welcome you to a program that offers more then just money, your decision will depend on whether
you win or lose, it's about freedom, about opportunity; and most of all it's about receiving a break-through, financially.
A financial break-through it's inevitable

Who are we, we are T.M.P. / The - Money - People. We're the
ones who takes the pain out of lack and of want, and just maybe
your financial set back as well. Here's how, in the summer of 2001
the founders of the money-people saw there was a need; a
financial one, that needed to be dealt with. So a gold was put into
place in allowing our opportunity to become other's, in todays
world. And so we have put into place six amazing programs that
would allow them to experience the very thing they been looking
. Of course we can go on and on but what's the point, what we
have done is to bring about a gold that everyone can reach. And
on the page of
other services these programs will do just that, they
will offset some of the stress which others are
experiencing which
is cause
by financial lack; and want. and to mention this is the very
reason why this page exist, which is to inform you all of them payoff
less than 72 hours or less. A program that will solve all of your
financial needs almost immediately; it's not a guarantee it's a fact.
Read our section in green on the right, than you be the judge.

How would it make a difference?

Along with these programs comes in understanding of how
they will cause you to prosper, and how they would meet the needs
of others. None of these program's have anything to do with selling
or telemarketing, but in fact all will bring about a speedy return.
How? By allowing you to get paid as soon as you walk out your
door. We do make sure all orders are process and fill, not to worry
theres know books to read, and know tapes to listen to; only to
prosper within a short period of time. Now it's time to introduce to
you each program one by one and to show you what they can do.
The gold here is to make you financially independent within a
matter of hours; yes in hour's. Yes, we know there are lot's of
company's that promise the
world, but none of them can offer what
we are offering. We specialized in doing what others
can only dream of. Our checks are cut every 24 hours, and mailed
out every 48 to 72 hours or less; now tell us who is doing that?
And that is what's call a financial break-through. Not only does it
pays daily, but there are different levels you can start on. Read the
section on the right which is only one of the programs which pays
off  immediately; this just maybe what you have been waiting for.
And you no what, we are also offering free opportunitys that's also
being offered as a free bonuse, and there's lots more in-store.
It's growth that causes a company
to experience prosperity, and it's
important for our stock to rise. We
win by showing you how to succeed;
because when you win we grow.  
We will give you the opportunity of ordering more info, but first things first, here's the main part of the
program which is being promoted. Our obligation here is to fulfill everyone financial needs; everyone.
The gold is to bring you into a level of awareness of knowing the meaning of a financial break-through,
and what it is we're offering, for you to becoming a part of us. You first must be at least 21 years of age
in order to become a representative for us, It is our discretion to ask for ID if and when the need arises.
When you become a part of us, the city and state an where you live will become the work place for
T.M.P that's where all business will be
conduct until further notice. By you representing us it's going to
cause you to see a quick return in income which comes about every 24 to 48 to 72 hours or less.
There's know books to read or to buy, or is there any tapes to listen too; only the ones who participate
will became self-sufficient in meeting what ever golds they may have. So know matter who you are, or
where you are, you will enjoy in becoming a
representative of T.M.P. Here's what's needed at this time,
as a representative you will be require to hand out information on 8 major programs that's being
offered at this time; and on other services. Don't be fooled, this is not a fly by night opportunity, this is
a marketing promotional program at its best. As a representative you will be responsible for getting the
word out and getting this info into the hands of others. But know this, they must response immediately
when receiving the info, here's what we mean. For you to receive payments every day of the week, a
study flow of info must be sent in on a daily bases, it's the form that's attached to the flyer; that form will
have your registered ID number on it. They can send it back them-selves or you can do it for them,
when we have receive verification from our marketing department that's when our department pays
out. Here's a quick way of doing it, fill it out for them right then and there, emailing it back to us ASAP.

In order for you to understand what it's like to make $20 - $40 - $60 - $80 of every hour of every day
you would have to experience it for your self. If you haven't or you never made money other then on a
9 to 5 job, then you wouldn't know what were talking about; and marketing promotions would be just
another word to you. Here's how it works, by representing us you willl be compensated for all that you
do, how? By receiving 35 cent's for every notice or flyer that's given out.
As a private contractor you
would be considered an entrepreneur deciding on the amount to make; and you can do so on e
hour of every day. Here's another way to understand it, if 7 hundred notices or flyers we're given out,
at 35 cent's each, and only 5 hundred was return; that would have given you $175 dollars you had
made, which would have gone right into your pock,
if it were you? But the effort which was put forth to
achieve that was little to none if any; do you see what's happening here?
Let's take it to another level,
look at these numbers, they will tell the story. Here's what marketing promotions will do for you, let's
say for starteds you gave out a 1,000 flyers at 35 cent's each; and let's say only seven hundred was
return. The numbers would say, that's $735 dollars you would have made, and that's only the
beginning, if you had been the one that had given out the 1000 notices you would have done it under
an hour or less; isn't that right? There is know limits on how much you can make, handing out 7
hundred flyers was only a simple; but handing out a 1000 is a start in the right direction. Think big
numbers as you are passing them out, why? Because when it comes to marketing, it makes up over
60% of your thought processes. If you are not making it, your spending it, but it's the thought of having
it all of the time that keeps you wanting more. Marketing is a numbers game, some times you make a
lot, some times a little; but you alway's will leave with something. Let's see what would happen if you
gave out 3
thousand notices at 35 cent's each, and let's say only 1500 hundred was return to us. The
payout on 15 hundred flyers or notices would be $1,500.35 you would have made; and all of it would
go right into your pocket or account, or what ever you think is best. A
nd the only thing you did was to
hand out notices, If you are unable to see the prosperous side of this, maybe you need something just
a little more challenging. We understand that hard work is hard work, but we are allowing you to
experience first hand what its like to truly experience a financial breakthrough; in making income
without any hassle at all. It would be like winning the state lottery, in order to win you must play, and in
order to become a representative of T.M.P you first must register, but here you can order the info >  
Other Opportunity's To Make Your Life Even Better

>    The Bad Credit replacement  
>     program.

The rich been using loopholes for
years, it's not your bad credit that's
holding you back. It's your lack of
knowledge of not knowing how to use
them. Why do the rich need credit?
Good credit is taking and is place
over your bad credit; with no
obligations, order the info.     

>   (A new credit file is awaiting you)

1.There is no debt consolidation.
2.There's no debt transfer.
3.There's no credit repair.
4.There's no judge's.

If you have file for bankruptcy in the
pass, even that's not in issue. We
don't specialized in showing how to
receive bad credit, but we do show
how bad credit qualifys you to
receive the good. Isn't it strange to
see how every day  people seems to
prosper; even though there credit is
bad. Take the rich for example, there
reason is, it keeps us from using our
own money. And so when there
credit go bad, they have a hold
system in place; putting them back
on track. Loopholes is what they use,
and it fixs the problem, but the secret
is out. And now its your turn to have
good credit place over your bad
credit. A hold new credit file is made
up in your name; even those you
have bad credit. Here's what to do
next, order the info to day; thanks.
>                    More Programs     

1. Representative's are needed
2. The bad credit referral propgam.
3. The 20-40-60-80 program.
4. Yielding the right of way.
5. Working across state lines.
6. The bad credit replacement program.

>      ( All programs bring stability)

The beautiful thing about these
programs are, they all payoff within 72
hours or less. With no selling involved or
telemarketing. Each one will make you
financially independent. And all can be
done within a matter of hours. And as for
soliciting, we are not interested in that
kind of promoting. But what happens with
all of the profits you make? Well all will
go right into your pocket. And the beauty
of it all, it can be done day or at night; or
at anytime you want. And that goes for
all six of our programs, so it really
wouldn't matter which one you start out
with; it's just a matter of preference. But
what ever one you choose you will see a
change take place right before your very
eyes. And if you order to day an added
bonus will be added to your order. And if
not you still can order additional info, it
will give you the confidents you need to
succeed. There are 52 state in the US,
and all need representative's to
represent us. But the question is, where
do you fix in? Now you can stop worrying
if you would ever experience whats
known as a breakthrough; it's your time.
In this area is how you will order the program and full in the box that's shown, you will want to completed
(The reason why you should become a  
>     Rep, there isn't another like it.)   

>                On a different level

This maybe the best opportunity that's
on the marked to day, let's get right to it.
Being a representative is by far the most  
fasted and quickest way in putting money
into your pocket. To truly understand
what's happening, you first must see the
seriousness of the problem. And so we
put it to the test, to see if any thing like
this was being offered. And to our
surprised it was not, but here we're one
of the methods we use to test our theory.
As you look towards the right the
purpose of that box is to give you and
others an equal chance an registering.
Even after you have order the info, whan
the cut off time ends; you would have
already registered. So in a way you
would already be ahead of the arrest. So
full in the box while there's still time. All
programs are guaranteed to meet your
Marketing Promotions At It's Best
Want to see a miracle: Up top click on product,
when you do order the info. Make $20 - an hour - $40
an hour - $60 - $70 - $80 and as much as you can
stand; and receive it under 72 hours or less, guarantee.
T.M.P. / LLC. Is a subsidiary of its parent company M.N.I. INC. And is responsible for all decisions
that governs it, T.M.P. Stands along and will only consult with its consumers As the need arises.   
The representative of T.M.P. Are everywhere
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